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As a successful and well-established training centre, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our teaching, our resources and our ability to give one- to-one attention to the highest level.

As well as expert teaching in your particular subject area, you will be taught by some of the most experienced teachers of English language and other subjects in the UK, thus enabling you to leave with a high degree of confidence on your employment and/or future study prospects, whether in the UK or elsewhere.

About course

We are very aware that in the modern world, the business environment is incredibly competitive and therefore anyone working in this industry requires a high level and specific understanding of the English language, grammar and vocabulary. We are delighted to have developed a range of quality Business English programmes tailored to your specific business needs, allowing you to further your development within your chosen topic, and enhance your career opportunities as you continue to master the global language of business and communication.

We offer a range of ESOL specialist programmes such as Business English Certificate (BEC), as well as subject related specialisms such as English for Lawyers. All these are assessed through the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations board.

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  • About course

    English at Work is designed for learners of english who are in work, or who are seeking work in the UK, or who are planning to move to the UK for work. It is a relatively short course, and the aim is to assist learners in the process of applying for work, attending interviews, and - upon successful employment - understanding the details of employment in the UK, involving aspects of IT, communication with colleagues and customers, company law and policies, pay, health and safety and problem solving.

    The course is structured in units, with each one devoted to a specific aspect of employment.

    Content includes:

  • Looking for work - includes tips on writing a CV, and job hunting advice
  • Attending an interview - includes advice on job interviews, practice on listening to question and practising answers
  • Company policies and law - includes a focus on equal opportunities, terms and conditions, and reading contracts
  • Communication within the company - focuses on chatting with colleagues, understanding the structure of the company and the job titles
  • IT / Computers at work - includes looking at computer jargon, IT problems and computer maintenance
  • Payment - includes understanding on the vocabulary used when talking about finance, the details of payment, and payment queries
  • Dealing with problems - includes issues such as phoning in sick, dealing with customer complaints, and day-to-day problems
  • Customer service - includes telephoning skills, listening to case studies and practising polite communication
  • Moving On - includes looking at business start up and the communication skills on leaving a job.

    The course is structured over 2 weeks, 20 hours, 2 hours a day (Monday to Friday, late afternoon TBC).

    There is no examination on this course, all assessment is done by your tutor, based on coursework and group work. All our classes are small and intimate, ensuring personal attention from the tutor and an opportunity to interact confidently with your peers.

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  • About course

    One of the strengths that our reputation here at Cambridge Seminars College is built on, is the fact that we can offer ready made tailored courses to suit all abilities and backgrounds. We appreciate that those in the world of corporate business can only benefit by having a more sophisticated grasp of the English language and so we are delighted to offer specific subject based lessons for executives in areas such as banking, law and medicine.

    We are happy to discuss your requirements based on the needs of your company.

    We recognise that some students prefer an individual approach in one-to-one tutoring. We can offer such courses at Cambridge Seminars College, working with your own personal teacher, receiving individual support and tuition. In consultation with you, your tutor will help you identify your specific language areas and skills to improve and create a bespoke individual learning programme.
    Executive One to One (5 to 30 lessons per week)

  • 5 to 30 lessons lessons per week
  • Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Course length: no minimum or maximum
  • 1 lesson: 45 minutes
  • Courses begin Every Monday

    One to One lessons is one of the best way to learn the language especially when time is the essence and people are busy. This type of courses are extremely convenient for executives, diplomats, students who need to prepare for a specific courses. All courses can be tailored according to the students, executives and professionals.
  • Executive One to One (5 lessons per week)
  • Executive One to One (10 lessons per week)
  • Executive One to One (20 lessons per week)
  • Executive One to One (30 lessons per week)

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  • About courses

    We are proud to be able to offer a range of courses specifically relevant to a variety of vocations and professions. These courses are especially designed to include a strong grammar element with the essential vocabulary needed in your chosen profession, thus enhancing and developing your skills specific to your career choice.

    At Cambridge Seminars College we also offer dedicated course for both specific needs and vocations.
    These include:

  • English for Lawyers
  • English for Nurses with IELTS examination preparation
  • English for Medicine with IELTS examination preparation
  • Executive English (tailored specifically based on the student's needs)
  • Study Skills and business skills

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  • EFL courses at Cambridge Seminars College

  • To see more courses we offer go to

  • EFL courses at Cambridge Seminars College

  • IELTS score after completion of our courses

    Our students after completion of foundation and EFL courses significantly improve their level of English language skills, and they graduate with high IELTS score, on the left you can see how many students (percentage) finish with particular IELTS score. Data based on student results from EFL courses (part of university foundation preparation programmes.)


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    • IELTS 7.0 - 8.0

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